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Written by RMacLean   
Friday, 03 December 2004 23:05
The Decision To MedicateMedication

The spectrum of severity in infants and children can range from the occasional "happy-spitter" to very serious, life threatening complications.  In the case of the latter, there is simply no question, medical intervention is imperative.  For some though, the decision can become a little more difficult.

If the child is otherwise happy and healthy, with the occasional spit up, then clearly there doesn't seem to be any need to consider medication.  Keep burp cloths handy, use some of the lifestyle modifications like elevating after feeding and wait until they outgrow it.

Other babies will appear happy but seem to vomit large amounts of food multiple times a day, causing their parents to fear they are not receiving the nutrition they need.  This can also be particularly bothersome and time consuming for parents and caregivers when the child (and everything and everyone near it) needs to be cleaned up several times a day.  Many parents look to the doctor for something to make the vomiting stop but generally, as long as they continue to grow well and are meeting their milestones, these kids don't necessarily require treatment other than the lifestyle modifications.

Some babies do not exhibit any serious complications but are thoroughly miserable from their reflux, making life for them and everyone around them, stressful, exhausting and downright wretched.  Most of these kids would likely benefit greatly from some medication to relieve their reflux pain and it almost seems unfair to expect them (and everyone else) to suffer needlessly.  Medication is a good idea in this case but not necessarily required, as they will likely outgrow it within a few months and have no long term damage.

If you believe your child needs medication getting a doctor to diagnose the reflux and take it seriously enough to prescribe medication can sometimes be daunting, but it is possible.

Reviewed By Dave Olson, MD
Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics
Graduate University of Michigan School of Medicine

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