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Infant Reflux and Pediatric GERD - Everything You Need To Know

f your baby has just been diagnosed with reflux or you think they might be suffering from it, this is your first stop.  Learn all the basics and get the tools you need to manage the reflux and hopefully find some relief for  your little one.  You can use the quick links menu directly below, the beginners tutorial below that or continue scrolling down the page for more information on everything that's offered in this section of our site.

What It Is and The Different Types

If you're wondering what exactly reflux is and are nothing but confused about all the different terms used to describe it, you'll find everything you need right here.  Descriptions on reflux, the difference between reflux and GERD, silent reflux, LPR reflux and more.

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Learn All The Symptoms Of Infant Reflux and GERD

Spotting reflux in babies can be easy, if you know what to look for. Find out all the symptoms that can be indicators of reflux and GERD, from the common symptoms like spitting up, to less common symptoms like ear infections and apnea events.

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Diagnosing Infant Reflux and GERD

If you are unsure whether or not your baby has reflux, or your baby is being sent for tests, learn about the different testing methods that might be used.  As well, you can find information here to help you deal with your child's doctors and have them take your concerns seriously if they are hesitant to diagnose and treat your baby's reflux.

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Treating Infant Reflux and GERD

Treatments for infant reflux and GERD usually start with simple lifestyle adjustments and for many babies, thankfully, this is all they will require.  Others require medications or even surgery. For complete details on all treatment options available for infant reflux and GERD, from the lifestyle adjustments to surgery, and even including some alternative medicine ideas, you can go here.

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Complications From Infant GERD

Reflux is considered GERD when it begins to cause complications that require medical treatment. If left untreated GERD can cause some very serious problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?  Try here for a list of some the most frequently asked questions about reflux and GERD in babies and children. We've categorized the questions to make them easy to find.

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Humorous songs/poems

Some of our message board moms have found laughter to be the best medicine and have written some funny poems and even some theme songs for us, or GERDland, as they affectionately refer to the site.

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The Emotional Impact on The Whole Family

Reflux and GERD can have life altering effects on not only the baby or child suffering, but also the entire family. Read up on all the emotional aspects that can accompany living with a refluxer or GERDling.

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Dealing With Family and Friends Misconceptions

Some of the most difficult aspects of having a baby or child with reflux or GERD is the isolation and frustration one can feel when family and friends simply don't understand how devastating it can truly be.  This area includes articles which will hopefully help you gain acceptance and understanding from family and friends.

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Personal Stories

Read stories of other babies and children suffering from infant reflux and GERD. You will quickly learn that you are not alone.

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Everything Else

Just when you thought you'd everything there was to know about reflux and GERD in babies and children—we go and add even more information.  Everything that doesn't fit into any of the sections above, can be found here, for example, reflux and dental issues, reflux and school, GERD and genetics, and more...

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