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f you have a baby with reflux or GERD chances are fairly good that you are dealing with feeding or growth issues of some sort, or that you at least have questions. Use the quick links menu directly below or scroll down the page for all that we offer on feeding, nutrition and growth issues for babies with reflux.



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Breastfeeding and Reflux

The saying "Breast is Best"  really applies to babies with reflux and GERD. If you are breastfeeding and having difficulties or questions, this is the place for you.


Formula / Bottle Feeding and Reflux

Babies with reflux or GERD can frequently also have milk or food allergies that make finding the formula difficult.  Sometimes simply finding the right formula can make a great deal of difference in a child's reflux. This area of the site will arm you with all the information you need to understand the different types of formula and which one might be right your child.


Tube Feeding Babies With GERD

Because reflux or GERD can be painful some babies learn to associate food with pain. In an effort to avoid the inevitable pain, they simply stop eating.  Nothing short of a feeding tube can keep these kids alive and growing properly.  If you are being faced with tube feeding your little one, you can learn more here.


Starting Solids

Starting solids can be an exciting, but stressful time, especially with a refluxer or GERDling.  You can find some tips here to hopefully make this important transition go as smoothly as possible.


Oral Aversions

Severe food and oral aversions can develop in some babies, usually resulting in tube feeding being required. Babies that throw up alot can begin to have very negative feelings about their mouth and food. These kids get very difficult to feed as they are incredibly defensive of anything going near their mouth and they frequently don't even mouth toys and other objects like other babies.


Growth Percentile Calculators

Parents are always concerned about whether or not their children are growing well and are where they should be for their age. Use these growth charts to plot your child's height and weight and find out how their growth is doing.

Growth Percentile Calculators »


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