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Since it's launch in February of 2001, this site has been 100% personally funded and has not accepted outside advertising because the purpose of the site has never been about making money.  Unfortunately, recently it has become necessary to acquire outside sources of funding for the site's continued existence, as well as supporting it's continued growth to better serve it's visitors.

We will not allow third party advertisers to affect the quality or accuracy of information within our site and maintain a strict policy of editorial independence.  We do not endorse any specific product (although have authored LOTRRC, read our views on this*) and are committed to maintaining the integrity of the site so will make every effort to keep the ads at a minimum.

These outside sources of funding will be in the form of third party ads placed on different pages throughout the site and each will be clearly and appropriately labeled as such in an effort to distinguish between outside ads and actual site content.  By visiting these sites you are leaving InfantRefluxDisease.com and we have no control over the content of third party sites or your experiences with such.

We do not accept advertising that is false, misleading, dangerous, or for illegal, or pornographic products or websites.

We reserve the right to change this advertising policy at our sole discretion and refuse any advertising we deem inappropriate for any reason.

Our views on LOTRRC:
Life on the Reflux Roller Coaster was written as a complement to our website.  Most of what you will find in the book, can be found on this site because our main goal is providing the information our visitors are looking for.  The site is one way, the book is another.  10% of the sales are donated to PAGER and the rest goes back into the site and the free brochures we distribute.

Although we stand behind the book and advertise it on the site, we do so only to offer yet another resource to our visitors. We will never claim that this book will solve all your problems or that you will find a cure for your child's GERD within the pages of this book.








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